Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - What's in store?

Hi everyone!

We hope you all had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas (if you celebrate) and a sparkly new year. I know I did. Lots of sleep, much packing (my sewing room is now completely packed up, and I'm embarrassed about the amount of fabric and other things I've acquired in my short time sewing.) This year's number one resolution in my sewing life is to USE WHAT I HAVE. I am pledging to go 6 months with no fabric purchases, except solids (if needed!) but my first focus will be some super scrap busting challenges to get some scraps used up. I'm gleaning some inspiration from the ScrapBuster Challenge 2011 group over in flickr. Things like this pillow and this growth chart really get my heart happy. While I was packing, I sorted all my scraps into bins by colour, and I'm hoping my organization will allow me to better see what I have, and crack on with it.

Sara gifted me this little treasure of a book. Yippee....I'm sure that this will inspire me to use up some scraps for sure.

Moving day is in two weeks tomorrow so things will no doubt be quiet on my end...but I promise to regale you with takes of the new craft space set up - I think it's going to be fantastic!
- Donna


Sara said...

I am so very anxious to see your new craft space come to life! Hope the move goes ever so smoothly!


Haley said...

Hi Donna!
When I moved last year I was shocked by how much I had too! And I agree that colour sorting your scraps is THE best way to see/use what you have. Good luck with the move :)

Fine Hand said...

I just moved my sewing studio from the basement to the upstairs and can't believe what I saved - the tiniest scraps ever! ended up getting rid of them -good luck!