Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making lunches can be crafty!

bento lunch
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Lately I feel like my time and inclination to be crafty has taken a backseat. We moved into our new house last week and we're getting settled slowly but surely. Through it all, I've been striving to keep life as "normal" for the kids as possible. We drove away from our little house last Wednesday; the kids waved goodbye. We picked them up from daycare at the end of the day and drove to the new house. The kids ran around like mad but their rooms were all made up. Bedtime was a bit rough for the four year old but she woke up all smiles.

Making my kindergartner's lunch has been another exercise in keeping things stable. I've wanted to make sure that she has still gotten a healthy, balanced mid-day meal. This has been no small feat as we wound down our grocery stash in the old house, and rebuilt in this one.

My little crafty secret is that i kinda get a kick out making her lunch. I like making it colourful. I like making it diverse. I get a sense of accomplishment when her lunchbox comes out of her backpack empty at the end of the day.

I challenge myself to provide her with as much variety as I can manage. I use fun tools (like a bunny egg press and silicone muffin cups) to brighten it up and make her smile.

Is it weird that a lunch box is my most artistic form of self-expression these days?

- Donna


Beth said...

I have a laptop lunchbox for me and it makes lunch so much better! Once Jaxon starts school I'll get him one, too!

Sara said...

You're a fantastic Mom, Donna! What a pretty lunch...could be quilt inspiration!

Capital Mom said...

I think I need one of those lunch boxes. I love it!