Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is almost here

I just had to post about this lovely wreath that Holly (from A Fish in the Water) made me for Christmas. A fantastic smelling greenery wreath with her awesome handknit stockings and some sparkly bling baubles. It lives above my mantleplace and makes me so happy. Thanks, Holly!

It's been quiet around here lately and I am entering the Christmas home stretch feeling like things are under control. Packing frenzy for the move to our new house in mid-January has begun, and with that, my sewing room is mostly packed up. Maybe I can share pics of the new space as we get settled...I'm thinking there won't be too much making going on!

From both Sara and I, thanks for reading, and all our best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a fantastic 2011.

- Donna


Sara said...

Lucky duck! Once the wreath is a gonner, you'll have all those adorable socks for your tree! Mine is hanging proudly!

Leslie said...

have a wonderful christmas and a easy move!!!

Holly said...

Glad that you like it dear friend! Merry Christmas Sara and Donna.