Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Craftalicious Preparation

We're going ahead and making plans for the second Craftalicious Craft show..to be held this year on November 13 in Ottawa. We've got the applications almost ready to go out, and we'll be able to announce to applicants around mid-September if they've secured a spot. The folks from the Craft Co-op are helping out this year and I gotta say, this guys are consummate professionals. They've got a mailing list set up, so if you're local and want to join us this year, get on their mailing list and you'll receive the call-out.

I'm still throwing around ideas of what I could make. Last year I went with an assortmet of appliqued baby tees, Christmas ornaments, candy and cookies, pushpins, magnets and hair pins. I also sold some of Sara's lovely things.

The shirts were a hit, I sold some candy and cookies, and the hair pins went over well, as did Sara's crayon rolls.

People asked alot of questions about the buntings, but I didn't sell one, which shocked me, since they were pretty and so well-made. I had whipped up a wicked bad one made of Christmas colours to decorate the front of my table, and several people tried to buy it. This year I decided to see if Christmas garlands will sell...so I whipped up 5 scallopy ones in Christmas fabrics. I figure if they don't sell, my home and office will look great come December.

Way back in the throes of near spring, I stitched up a few doll quilt tops, and I finished them up recently. I figured I'd make up little pillows and coordinating pillowcases and sell a few doll bedding sets. Not sure how many I'll get finished, but two sets done (minus the pillows, which I figure I'll do later in a bunch).

A few doll quilts for craft sale

So in addition to these few items and the gift tags I made with Holly, I'm definitely planning on making hair pins again and will make candy, only will package it in see through bags to show off its glistening buttery glow. (I tossed the unsold candy into the freezer and I did end up selling it a few weeks after the sale at a home based craft show...that stuff is like crack - important to give out samples!)

I've got a few other ideas up my sleeve which I'll share as I get moving on them...!

Have you sold things at a craft market before? What kinds of things do you like to buy at a craft sale?

- Donna

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Sara said...

Soooooooo cute, Donna! Fantastic work! I'm proud of you for organizing AND making stuff for a sale. Way more than I'd be capable of biting off!