Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gift Tags for Craft Show

Holly and I banded together this past week to whip up some little paper and fabric gift tags for Craftalicious. We're thinking we'll share a table this year. These were super fun to make, especially once we abandoned the method we had read about in Sandi Henderson's newest book, which involved cling wrap as a fuser...we used glue sticks and then stitched them down and added a little grommet to finish them up. We'll add some twine and package them in sets of five for the show.

It's so hot here it's hard to imagine sewing but I'm going to work on some garlands tonight. More to show later this week!

- Donna


Holly said...

I think that a good part of the fun was the wine and good crafty company!

Leslie said...

these are so cute and clever

Diane said...

Those are adorable!

Sara said...

Great idea, Donna! And great pic as well! As per the usual, you chose perfect fabrics.