Saturday, July 31, 2010

Handsome Hexie Swap Round 2

The wonderful Handsome Hexie swap round two has come and I whipped up a little pile for my secret partner. I think that they should suit nicely....a blast of colour, some grey, black and white, and as much Denyse Schmidt as I could muster. I'm proud to say that most of these were stitched up over beer at a local pub. And I only got a few weird looks. Any of you take hexies to pubs? Such a portable craft!!

Don't hexies look so great all piled up and coordinated by colour? Something so appealing about such an image, even if it's not millions and millions of hexes, it still warms my cockles. (Do I have cockles? Not sure!).

Anyhoo, secret partner, I hope you enjoy!

- Donna

PS - I'm not sure if I ever got around to showing what I received in the first round..but ta da...lovely lovely lovely.


Capital Mom said...

So lovely!

Sara said...

I have no doubt secret partner will enjoy those little beauties! They're just sweet!