Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sara's July Blocks

Finished and in the mail on time, thank you very much! My comfort zone was certainly streeeetched this time around...circles and handstitching.

I had been wanting to try my hand at circles of some sort for a while now, so this was just the push I needed. Not sure I'll rush in to my sewing space and start a king size quilt like this, but happy I tried it at least!

This Bee is fun! If you're not already in one, I recommend seeing about getting yourself involved. New fabric and techniques each month for a whole year! What's not to love?



Ariane said...

I love your block and your siggy block! They look wonderful!!!

Donna said...

This is amazing!! Good for your for stepping off your comfort zone!

- Donna

Miley said...

Very pretty. You did an amazing job, are you sure this isn't your comfort zone?

Keep up your wonderful work,
Love Miley xxx

Christy said...

it looks so pretty! well done!