Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Down but I'm not Out

I think I had it. I'm pretty sure three of my four family members have succumbed.

The swine flu has infiltrated our house, darn it all. And the week before Craftalicious.

I'm stumbling along, feeling better, as are my girls. . .we've all been vaccinated so it wasn't terribly severe, but, but. . . I'm so behind!!

My week of time off to prepare for the sale has been pared down to three measly days. I also have a facial booked in there (hey, it's my birthday gift to myself every year!), a lunch date on my bday, some time for putting up posters (way too late but haven't been able to leave the house in days), and I'm making soup for all the crafters at our sale so they don't have to bring lunch. ACK!

Top this all off with the fact that my first batch of never fail chocolate almond butter crunch (aka almond roca) DIDN'T turn out. It's hanging out in the porch right now, in hopes that it sets up. I have my doubts. This has never happened before. EVER.

Deep breaths.

I did finish piecing all the parts for my 60ish shirts today. (Yay!). They're ironed on, and ready to be sewn (most are in fact already sewn, and were done before the week started). I got my small order of toddler tees in just in time, late last week. The owner of the wholesaler called me a few weeks ago to let me know that they were held up at the border, but that he had high hopes they'd get in just in time for the sale. Yay ZeeSpot!

My pushpins are done and packaged.

I have forty Christmas ornaments made.

I've done a few hairclips up, and my magnets are half assembled.

I picked up my awesome labels today (I'll do a show and tell at a later date. Nadia did a great job of designing them!)

Ingredients for my cookies and candies I'm planning on making are purchased, as are the ingredients for the crafters' lunch.

Sara's contributions to the sale are labeled and priced.

I've put some thought into my table layout and pulled together the necessary materials.

I can do this. I can do this.

And now, that I've bored you with all the nitty gritty what I have left to do before Saturday details, a bit of show and tell.

I loved loved loved Lina's patchwork star, and asked her permission to use her tutorial to whip some up for the sale. She kindly agreed. I labouriously cut out about 80 diamonds in various red and white fabric. (Don't worry, I used a rotary cutter and a ruler . . took me a few to figure this out though!). I stitched them together. I sewed on some beautiful fabric buttons. I sewed the first front to the back and turned it inside out and realized . . D'oh! My diamonds were far too small (not sure how I managed this, since Lina gives dimensions! .. I chalk it up to late night crafting .. which is the only time I craft so I should be used to it by now!) My stars, in the end, look different than hers, since I had to sew them together wrong sides facing, leave a gap, stuff, and finish sewing before pinking the edges. I really liked Lina's suggestion to just cut squares for the backs and then cut once. Brilliant time saver.

Ok. To the sewing machine I go.

Can't wait to write more about the sale . .have lots of thoughts about a) selling handmade goods for the first time and b) co- organzing an independent craft sale for the first time. (No, I couldn't just sell a few things to see how it goes . . I have to put on the craft show also!

- Donna


Kelly O. said...

hoping everything goes your way!
p.s. I like your star even better than Lina's I think!

Lina said...

Oh no! I feel terrible! Ironically, I had initially thought about adding a template to the tutorial but dismissed it thinking that a diamond was a diamond. Drop me an email address and I'll send you a pdf with the real dimensions as soon as I can!

Hope you are all recovering.

Isa said...

Oh you poor thing, it sounds like you got ALOT to do :-)
I hope you and your girls feel better soon. I wish I was nearby your craftmarket, it sounds like you have some great stuff :-)

C. Jaeger said...

I'm doing a craft show this weekend also. Good luck to you! I will be very curious to hear your thoughts on the ins and outs of organizing a craft show. Best wishes!

Dee said...

Yes, you can do this! It will all get done, and what doesn't, doesn't need to! Sorry to hear all were sick...but I'm glad you're on the mend now. Slow down enough to breathe in and out...in and out...and remember, if you can give birth...you can do anything!

Best of wishes and hang in there!

Capital Mom said...

That is awful that you were all sick. Especially since you got the vaccine!
Looking forward to the show and seeing everything you have made.

Vals Quilting said...

Hi Donna, you definitely have your work cut out for you :) but you will love being there in the end - you (hopefully) won't be thinking about your sickness if any is left by showtime! My Mum does all of these million things for her craft show and she loves it also..Good luck can't wait to hear about it!

Sara said...

Donna! You should be very proud of yourself for taking all of this on. You've got fabulous things to offer at the sale and I just know it will all work out. Do what you can and don't worry about what doesn't get finished. Nobody will know what didn't make it to the table!
Good luck and ENJOY this!!