Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer is now in full swing

There's a little sewing going on in my world ... but mostly it's just summer. Two weeks of back trouble (that I blame on my new birks) left me almost flat on my back. What a way to end off my maternity leave. Boo. I'm a week and a half in to being back at work, and it's going ok. Baby is adjusting to daycare, and I'm adjusting to having time to be with adults and have adult conversations.

But I miss having TIME at home. Particularly this week, when I went ahead and organized evening activities for myself not just Monday, not just Monday and Tuesday, but Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday. Yikes! It's been WAAAY hot here, too. I think today it was 40C with the humidity. Oh the humidity, Oh the humanity. That's 104F for those Americans among our readers. Maybe that's not even that hot compared to what some of you face, but for me, a born and bred Northern girl (we're talking north of the 60th parallel here), this is hard. Our lovely, 95 year old house is not equipped with central air (or ducts, for that matter), and since we're trying to be all green and stuff, we haven't even put in the window a/c unit that is languishing in our (recently insulated) basement . . it's hot. And the basement is not even cool thanks to our environmental upgrades. Not that I'd want to hang out down there, but it was always enjoyable to sink below on 'errands' and enjoy the cool.

I'm not meaning to be all complainy. I'm actually in a good place. Eating well, really enjoying my walks to and from work, (yay for built in exercise!), and looking forward to getting some Christmas gifts underway AND some goods for the craft sale that I'm organizing and selling at in mid-November. My first one. I'm terrified and excited, all at the same time.

More on that in another post. Just wanted to stop in and say hello. Isn't summer a difficult time to be productive? I'm in awe of what some of you are accomplishing and I'm so thankful for the craft blog community. Reading what other folks are doing makes me feel more crafty! And that's a good thing.

- Donna


Mary Perrine said...

Welcome back Donna!! and for goodness sake, cool down ; )

Sara said...

Right there with you, D! I did finally start a project last night because I was going stir crazy. It felt good to get back in to the swing of things. Lots of projects swirling around in my head when it's too hot to sleep at 4am!