Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm back

Well, in all honesty, I've been back for a while now but just not back in the mood for sewing until now. What else is a girl supposed to do when she's trying to pretend she's not in extreme pain and first in line for a root canal? Here's a peek at what has been taking my mind off of my reality for the past three evenings.
The proverbial root canal was yesterday and in case you're wondering, the process isn't as bad as people say. The pain before and after is what gives root canals a bad name!
Also, August 5x5 arrived from Donna. The months they are flying by! I love the aqua theme this month. Donna was timely with the cool colors considering the heatwave we've been experiencing. I am not complaining though, I save that for the -30 weather!

I also had to show you the card she sent with the fabric this month. Isn't it adorable? Available here. And while I'm on the topic of letterpress and cards, do check out this etsy shop. I'm in love (and have one on the way!) with the camera card. Such great designs!



Isa said...

You poor thing. It almost hurts just reading about it.
I love the blue fabric on top.

Donna said...

Glad you got the tooth taken care of. Here's hoping it went well!

Glad you liked your 5X5. I'm crushing over lots of aqua fabric right now so was happy to share some with you!

Next month . hand swapped 5X5s!!

Christina said...

I had to have a root canal on one of my front teeth two years ago...the pain before was terrible, the procedure itself was a breeze! Nothing in comparison to the pain of needing one!