Saturday, August 1, 2009

Purple People Eater

I don't normally do purple, but every now and then the mood strikes me, and the night I made this camera strap must have been one of those times! This was made to bring on vacation with us bright and early tomorrow morning. It's been a long time coming and I just can't wait. It'll be hard to sleep tonight! Word to the wise: if you make yourself a camera strap, take pictures of it before it's attached to your camera...unless, of course, you're a contortionist.

Be back in a week or so. Be good 'til I get back, now.



Mimi said...

I love your camera strap!!

Have fun on your vacation.


Mickie said...

The camera strap is great! Take fun pics on your vacation :)

annie said...

beautiful..where is mine...hehe

Sarah said...

prettiest camera strap I've ever seen. :D (boy did that come out cheesy sounding)

Christina said...

Of find another camera to snap a photo of it. :)

Vals Quilting said...

I'm in the process of designing a camera strap - love yours