Monday, January 19, 2009

A Knitter I Am Not

A Knifty Knitter however, I am. No cryptic pattern to follow, no counting, no fancy upside down and backward stitches to maneuver AND the whole kit was 50% off. Need I say more?
I guess I should have started by introducing myself, but not following patterns and succumbing to the power of a good sale pretty much sum me up. Anyway, hi! It's me, Sara, the other half of Kindred Crafters.
I should point this out right off the top: Donna is the writer of the two of us. She knows how to write a good, fluid post with all the proper grammar. She dots her i's and crosses her t's, that wonderful woman. Me, on the other hand, I overuse commas and exclamation marks and write whatever comes to mind. I do like to take a lot of pictures though, and they're worth 1,000 words a piece so I'll likely take that route, Okay? Okay! We're all in agreement here. I like you already.
Like Donna, I have a day job that doesn't come close to filling my need to express myself creatively, so I used a lot of my after hours time to create. I have one daughter who also, thankfully, loves to 'make stuff' so I try to do a lot of it in unison with her. Sewing, cooking, baking, taking pictures and collecting a lot of things that may be useful someday are big in my world. I think it's safe to say that sewing is my main squeeze, but I'll try anything at least once.

Why do I sew?
1) As a creative outlet
2) As a way to justify my addiction of buying pretty fabric
3) To teach my daughter what my grandmother, mother, step-mother taught me. To keep this hobby alive into the next generation.
4) To create for other people. I love how when I set out to make something for someone, they consume my thoughts for at least the duration of the project.
5) Because I love the idea of 'one of a kind' gifts
6) Because I love getting an idea and having the ability to create it myself, with my own two hands.
7) Because it's so, so much fun!

So there you have it, my first post on our awesome new blog! I am very excited about this adventure and especially proud to be sharing the experience with my Donna. We truly are Kindred Crafters, her and I.


DangAndBlast! said...

Hey, looks fine to me! Good start. My #3 is a bit different than yours ... my mother's always sewn (had no money when we were little, so made all our baby clothes; had a model-shaped twig of a sister, so made all her party dresses; got good, so made my wedding dress), but not until they realized my knitting and other activities weren't just something a 9-year-old does did my mother and grandmother pick that up!

Donna said...

Sara - I'm sooo glad that you love taking photos and that you're good at it . . I still haven't gotten the hang of it but am learning the importance of natural light.

i may have to check out this nifty knitter thing . .as I've tried knitting more times than I can count and generally quit after getting half of a scarf knit.