Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The joy of scrap bags

I will confess. I have a slight addiction to scrap bags. I love ordering them! They're such a fun and exciting thing to receive in the mail. Etsy is a great source. I got one recently from bannerbabe and it was chock full of interesting scraps, some of which I used in my recent valentine's day garland.

One scrap stood out right away and I knew it had to be made into a shirt. I immediately cut it out and pinned it to a plain black shirt I had laying around, and my eldest daughter has been asking me to sew it on ever since. She likes the hand and has been practicing her peace signs. She's 2, so I of course think this is adorable.

Can't start too young instilling peacefulness in our children, right? In the meantime, she cuts quite a dashing figure.

- Donna

1 comment:

Sara said...

How cool is she?!
Another great shirt, Donna! I need to get me some of those scrap bags...