Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quilt in action!

Man, I love it when quilt recipients share a photo of a quilt I've made, in use. Particularly baby quilts, because OH THE CUTENESS!! You might remember this solids and polka dot quilt I made for the daughter of a coworker and friend. Mama sent me this photo last night of Gaby the wondergirl playing on it and it just made me smile. Check out this girl's HAIR!!!

Happy weekend everyone. rainy and wet here - hope you're sitting under sunnier climes!

- Donna


Leslie said...

those cheeks!!! i always love to see my kids and others using the quilts i have made. i really hope that the ones given away get loved on and used not stored away or folded in a closet.

Sara said...


Helen (Mimi, Meems, Meemers) said...

Ohmygosh!!! What a cutie! Now that quilt is truly used and loved. How wonderful.

Thanks for sharing!