Sunday, May 29, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

I've had wonky stars on the brain since Tong asked us to do these blocks for Sew Modern Bee. This quilt went together a lot faster than I expected. I just had to get into a groove and find a way to chain piece most of the blocks. Once I managed that, I was completely sold on this pattern! As much as I love modern quilting, there is something that just melts me about old fashioned patterns.

When I picked up this cheater print a few months ago, I instantly knew I wanted it to be the back of an all yellow quilt. I think it works pretty great on the back of this one!

This was the first time I've used pre-made binding. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I would rather make it myself! The pre-made is just a little more flimsy than what I am used to, but I do like how this one matches so well with the other elements of the quilt.

Big E took a shining to this one, but it's actually for one of the 7 babies of 2011! I have one more quilt to make to round out the seven and I better get at it since the Mama is due in exactly one month!



Tong said...

sara it looks fabulous! you did quick work on this one too, my stack of wonky star blocks from the bee are still languishing in the closet waiting for the day i finally find the time to sew them together... LOVE how bright and happy the quilt is, it's beautiful!

Riel Nason said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! And we could most certainly use some sun around here!!

Donna said...

Oh Sara! It's so perfect. What a happy happy quilt!!

And i love the binding too - - it works so wonderfully.

Nicely done!

Leslie said...

this is beautiful!!! i love the all yellow...and i am with you...the sweetness of a classic and old pattern like this star draws me in every time.

Holly said...

Love this one Sara!! What a happy quilt.

Sara said...

Every one of you are too sweet! Thank you!