Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Craftalicious Countdown

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I'm busy getting ready for Craftalicious. It's Nov. 13! - go here and check out some of the awesome vendors.

I'll be selling a hodgepodge mix of doll quilts, mug rugs, fabric garlands, gift tags, hair pins, candy, and cookies. Something for everyone!

My friend Nadia took this photo of three of my little doll quilts. These are made up from leftover blocks from a baby blanket I've working on. Sara was here last week and bound them all for me. She makes her binding differently than me, and RIPS the fabric and MACHINE BINDS. Her way is much quicker and her mitered corners are so straight! I wish she lived here always so we could sew together often. I would learn so much!

If you live in Ottawa, be sure and swing by the sale, St. Matthew's Hall in the Glebe, Saturday Nov. 13, from 9-5!

- Donna


Leslie said...

this sounds like fun...have a great time.

Sara said...

They look fabulous, Donna! They'll be off of your table in no time.
I won't live down ripping that fabric, will I?!! If there's a faster way, I'll take it!