Saturday, November 20, 2010

Craftalicious 2010

A week later I'm recovered enough to write about Craftalicious 2010.

Ok, that's a lie. It wasn't the craft sale that wiped me out this was a cold, too little sleep, a a 24 flu bug for both me and my husband, and oh yeah, we bought a new house. More on that last one later...

This year, I may have mentioned that I shared a table with Holly. Waaay less stress and waaay more fun. I had a wide variety of things on offer:

  • an assortment of fabric covered button, vintage button and cabochon hair pins
  • doll quilts
  • scallop christmas garlands
  • quilted mug rugs
  • a few patchwork ornaments left from last year's saleedible treats: candied curried pecans, chocolate almond butter crunch, peanut butter and chocolate assorted goodies, caramel cream sandwich cookies, and ambrosia macaroons.
  • paper and fabric gift tags

Nadia from Red Sonja Designs did my labels again this year and they looked fantastic. She is so talented. Buy her photo lamps! They're beautiful!! Or if you're in the market for graphic design, she's your gal. End plug.

We started the sale an hour earlier this year, and the traffic steady from the getgo. I can't believe how many people came through. We didn't pay for advertising this year, beyond having posters and postcards (designed by Nadia) printed up. We relied on social media, in large part, to get the word out. I can tell that Ottawa is hungry for handmade goods as most sellers seemed to be happy with their sales.

I packaged my edible goodies in clear bags this year, as another food vendor instructed me to do last year. It made a huge difference and I sold/bartered nearly 60 bags of goodies. My hair pins almost sold out, so those will be repeated next year. I think some clever packacing on the garlands would help folks figure out what they were: even though we had strung some up on the wall and on the front of the table, lots of people asked 'what are these??'.

Here are a few pics from the day; even one of me to start them off!

Are any of you participating in or organizing craft shows this year? I'd love to compare experiences!

- Donna


Sara said...

Everything looked fantastic, Donna and Holly!! Love the mug rugs and all the little stockings!

Capital Mom said...

It was a great show. I can't wait to give away the gifts I bought.

Nadia said...

Woohoo! Thanks for the plug Donna!

Anne across the street said...

I loved it, and I am all stocked up for Christmas with neat and unique things. Ben's new little birdy Point-Point is now his new favorite, and he wants to get a cape for him, so that he can be a super hero.