Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So long, Marianne!

I couldn't stop singing Leonard Cohen when I was making this block! Marianne, do you know that one? This is my take on the May block for the Sew Modern Bee, which is making it's way across the country to Marianne as I type.

Marianne had some crosses in her inspiration mosaic which inspired me, but I couldn't manage to get them wonky like I'd hoped. How does one achieve the wonky and still meet the required measurements?

I should also mention how much I loved this line of fabrics, especially the green and blue prints I put in the block.

I'm really quite surprised with myself that I have the May block done and in the mail and it's still April! Let's hope I can keep up this keener attitude for the duration of the Bee!


Edited to add: Here is the answer to my question! So much easier than what I put myself through!


Donna said...

I think wonky log cabins (which will be my pick) will be easier to build to some specific size, since you can just easily keep adding - wonky for something like what you did could be tricky indeed. Yours looks like a window! I like that.

randi---i have to say said...

flourish is a wonderful line~! those blocks are great!

Isa said...

What a great block :-)
I'm no expert in how to do wonk (at leat not on purpose...) I think it's hard to think outside the box in this way :-)

Anonymous said...

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prashant said...

those blocks are great!
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