Thursday, March 11, 2010

DQS8 - awaiting a confirmation from my partner!

My package went out the day before the deadline. It was getting mailed far far away so it will likely take a few weeks to arrive. I I bound it ina grey and black geometric print . . I think it kinda looks like a frame. I threw in a few swap extras . . .do any of you do that? I find the process of putting together a package for my partner in a swap a big part of the experience. I kept it light and compact this time since it was going so far. A bar of chocolate, a tin of tea from a Montreal tea company, and a wee bar of soap (fig ginger!). A nice card with a handful of coordinated charm squares of Hope Valley and off it went.

Are you taking part in any fun swaps right now?

- Donna


Georgia said...

Such a gorgeous quilt! Fun extras too. :-) I don't do many swaps because they all have to go so far, far away, they are fun though (and a bit daunting too I must admit!).

isabel said...

And I'm very lucky to be your partner. You quilt is beautiful and very creative and the extras are just precious things, carefully presented on a pink seed paper. I love it!
Thank you very, very much. I'm honored to have such a gift!
I'll do something special with the fabric squares that you presented me.

Dee said...

Love this quilt! It's a fave of mine! What a sweet package to get in the post!

I just finished Pillow Talk 2 and participate in the STUD (Swap Til You Drop).

I love meeting people from all over the world and having such beautiful keepsakes of such wonderfully kind quilters!

Sara said...

Oh, it looks so sweet all finished! That color range is perfect and I love how scrappy it is. So many great fabrics incorporated in there.

The only swap I am involved in right now is this same one, DQS8. I've sent out my parcel and am just hope, hope, hoping it arrives safely and that she likes it!

Stephanie said...

Oh boy, your partner is so lucky! I'll bet you have a ton of people just hoping it's for them...

Holly said...

Sweetness! Really love this creation of yours Donna. I think that I might be inspired to pull out some scraps for a hex filled summer! (doesn't the idea of going to the pub with a little kit of hexes to sew while you sit in the sun and have a beverage sound divine???)

I never really seem to know that the swaps are happening until I start seeing the pictures of all of the completed projects. How do you go about finding them if you are a techno-peasant?

Nishant said...

Love this quilt! It's a fave of mine! What a sweet package to get in the post!
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jaybird said...

chocolate and a quilt... how fantastic!! i love those hexagons!! i sat out this round of the doll quilt swap... but i did do the pillow talk swap!