Tuesday, September 28, 2010

August Blocks for Alison

Remember me?

These blocks were finished up a month ago, almost to the day..though I better share them out. And look - almost the end of the month and i've (gulp!) not started my September blocks. Maybe this weekend!

Life has been hectic around here, as it has been for Sara. I'm still working on stuff (a baby quilt from the FatQuarterly quiltalong), things for the craft show...hopefully something to show soon.

How do you make time for sewing? I've been fitting it in a minute here, a minute there, but haven't had a good stint in a long while. with working out twice a week, yoga once a week, the craft show to plan, a demanding full-time job and two kids (one of whom requires lunch now!!)...I feel burdened by too many things to do and not enough time.

I miss hanging out in this space and contributing to this community though so I'm going to try and get back here mor often.

- Donna


Leslie said...

wow you are a busy lady...i fit it in because i am not doing that much right now...mostly just waiting for a baby to come.

anniem said...

Good old Canadian work ethic--yep blame it on your roots. At least some of the busyness (sp?) is getting in a workout. I enjoy seeing what you do accomplish. I too work full time, have 4 kids but woe is me work out far too little. Quilting I squeeze in when I'm 'pretending ' to do laundry--no one can find out it isn't as time consuming as I make it out to be.

Donna said...

Leslie, when is your baby due? You're not doing nothing..you're growing a human! :)

Annie - - thanks for saying this! I am happy there are still people willing to pop by and read what we have to say even when updates are infrequent!

And i love your laundry trick. My husband does most of the laundry so that will never fly around here!

Sara said...

I can barely find time to bathe, let alone sew these days! Must get September blocks out the door!!!