Saturday, October 17, 2009


See, I have this quilt I'm making and up to this point, I've chosen fabric (after ruining the surprise and getting the recipient to help me), cut out 80 - 6" squares (40 patterned and 40 white), did this to them and am left with 160 squares of half white/half pattern. Now, I'm stuck. Pinwheel? Zig Zag? Hourglass? This? This? Is there anything else you can do with squares like that that I'm missing?
If you could help a girl out here, I'd really appreciate it!


C. Jaeger said...

My vote is for the pinwheel. Good luck!

Isa said...

Hi Sara
Did you see this quilt:
Or this quilt:

They are made by Rita from redpepperquilts and she really do something wonderfull with triangles.
Can't wait to see what you decide :-)

Noodles said...

My vote is for the zigzag. With the white fabric I think it will look the most modern of the set. But whatever you pick will be AWESOME!

wishes, true and kind said...

Isa posted the exact two I would have suggested. They are in my Flickr favorites, and I want to try each myself.

Georgia said...

I love the zig-zags. I've been planning to do one for ages...haven't started of course!

Donna said...

I am loving all of Rita of RedPepperQuilts' stuff . .but I think I vote zig zag. ALthough you've done one before, it wasn't as colourful ..I think that it's a great pattern and so cute for a baby quilt.

Christina said...

My vote is for an hourglass...but then i'm kind of partial to hourglass quilts. :) I look forward to seeing the quilt, the fabrics look lovely in these photos!

珊珊李 said...